Vintage Patterns

The Lst Book

I could spend hours upon hours browsing through the Antique Pattern Library.  There are so many vintage knit & crochet patterns listed, you could never make them in a lifetime. I get so much inspiration from these publications. When reading them I imagine ladies sitting in a “proper” sitting room, working by candlelight, knitting a woolen pair of socks for the war effort or crocheting an heirloom christening set for a new baby about to arrive. Whatever the project, it’s obvious how much effort was put into their craft. Then there are little snippets of everyday life thrown into the mix. I downloaded one publication; “The Last and Best Book” on Knitting, Crocheting & Embroidery – Art Needlework. Published by The Brainerd & Armstrong Company of New London, Connecticut (c1895). I read through the entire 118 pages. It is fascinating!

“Appropriate and Useful Presents” Page 34

For Gentlemen, – Neckties, suspenders, gloves, wristers, purses, stockings, smoking cap, tobacco-bag, eye-glass cleaner, twine-bag.

For Ladies, – Spool-Bag, work-bag, purses, mittens, hair-receiver, tea-cosey, lamp shade, table mats, doylies.

For Children, – Mittens, caps, hoods, sacques, shirts, petticoats, stomach-bands, socks.

Wow, I had to go and look up what some of these items really are:

Wristers – Basically, long fingerless gloves which reach between the elbow and wrist.

Hair Receiver – A common fixture on the dressing tables of women from Victorian times to the early decades of the 20th century. Its purpose was to save hair culled from the hairbrush and comb, which were used vigorously on a daily basis. (Eeeww!)

Sacque – an infant’s, usually short, jacket that fastens at the neck.

Stomach-Band – Who knows, I’ve not found the answer to this one. Only a guess it could be a cummerbund, a belt, or even a corset. Or something entirely different.

If you have any interest at all of vintage clothing, patterns or just everyday life, have a look at this great non-profit site.


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