Click for Babies



CLICK for Babies – Period of PURPLE Crying Caps is a grassroots campaign that invites knitters and those who crochet across North America to make purple colored baby caps which will be delivered to families in November and December alongside the Period of PURPLE Crying program.


The goal of the CLICK for Babies campaign is to increase awareness and educate others about the Period of PURPLE Crying that all infants go through, how to respond to prolonged crying, and the importance of never shaking your child – all in an effort to prevent the shaking and abuse of infants.

The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome’s Period of PURPLE Crying program has two aims: (1.) To support parents and caregivers in their understanding of early increased infant crying; (2.) To reduce the incidence of SBS/AHT (shaken baby syndrome/abusive head trauma).

Mary Maxim & The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome are hosting the 2018 Official Knit & Crochet Pattern Contest. Your pattern could be the featured pattern for the 2018 CLICK for Babies campaign! Three (3) winning patterns will be selected from each category (knit and crochet), with the grand prize winners being featured as the official 2018 CLICK for Babies knit and crochet pattern. All winning patterns will be included in Mary Maxim’s new exclusive CLICK for Babies kit. Each winner will also receive a gift card redeemable on, the grand prize winner taking home a $300 gift card. Patterns will be accepted until February 28, 2018.

The CLICK for Babies site also has patterns on the site if you wish to donate hats. So dig into that shash (I know you’ve got purple yarn in there somewhere) and make some baby hats!


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