Gifts that are appreciated.

I’ve read some pretty terrible stories of knitters & crocheters putting time, energy, money & theirs hearts into a project for a special someone only to be disappointed by the looks of thinly veiled disdain by the receiver. I’m quite positive I’ve given gifts and received the same reaction, though my mind chooses to believe the receiver absolutely adored the piece. But when you get affirmation of the positive effect your gift has on someone, it’s simply thrilling!

My niece’s drawing, which I believed to be a thank you for the gifts I made for her birthday. It’s actually a custom order she’s submitted to me.  We all know I’ll make it for her too!

I made a unicorn, blanket & purse for my niece’s 11th birthday. She was truly happy to receive it and was astonished that I was aware of her love of the Pegasus. I told her it was the magic of the Pegasus that told me to put wings on the unicorn. She proceeded to gather the other amigurumi I had made for her, lined them up on the sofa and gently placed the blanket over them. It was then I noticed the condition of the other items I had made. Pretty rough to say the least. Though it also told me she actually plays with them! They don’t get placed on a shelf to be admired and kept from getting dirty, they’re used by a child with a vivid and wonderful imagination. She has no idea of the gift she’s afforded me, a gift that is appreciated.


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