Thread Crochet

No matter how many WIPs I have, I always drift back to thread. I can’t stay away from working with it too long. Maybe it’s just a sign of the warmer weather and how light and airy it is. I’m also a bit addicted to doilies. I like to see them with a bit of a modern twist, whether it be fun vibrant colors or changing one stitch in the pattern to create a different look. Of course some are timeless and changes would only degrade them.

A few years ago, I met up with a lovely lady who wanted to start destashing her magazine collection. What a collection she has! The publications she was willing to part with were all pre-1990. By today’s standards..all vintage. Most are “Hooked on Crochet” with a few “Crochet Home” and miscellaneous others. I felt the jackpot was the 2 dozen or so, pre-1975 “Workbasket” magazines. I looked through them for hours. Then put them in a storage bin and essentially forgot about them.


Well, I pulled them all out again and have tagged a few of the doily patterns for a project I want to take on. I really want to make a doily collage. All sizes and colors. Modern & vintage. So, to be continued on that project.

Then I ran across this beauty in Coats Sewing Group #920 Bold Crochet Motifs. Simply titled “Coffee Table Mat”. I had to give it a go. Oh My! What have I taken on???  First issue, the pattern is written with UK stitch terminology and US measurements (2 tries before my brain figured that out). Second issue, there are no specific instructions to actually join the motifs, only instructed to follow the photo. Really? Keep going, I tell myself. Ha! I finally figured it out. It’s quite tricky. Now that I have the hang of it, I have to finish it. Wish me luck!



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