For the love of Kitties!

I’ve been in LOVE with these feline fur babies for as long as I can remember. And nearly always have had at least one as a companion. Our current princess (Sophie) is now 11 years old. She tolerates my knitting & crochet, though probably believes it takes up too much of her lap time.

I recently discovered our small town has a dedicated no-kill feline shelter. The people who volunteer there are phenomenal.  After careful thought, I’ve decided to use my abundant yarn remnant collection (The Scrap Stash) to make mats for the cats housed there until they find a forever home. When they are adopted, the mat will go with them to give them something familiar in their new surroundings.

I’ve made a lot of different items for charity (hats, blankets, teddy bears, prayer shawls), but feel these little mats may be the best option for the yarns in my stash. It’s predominantly acrylics and cotton. Therefore, everything would be machine washable. After some experimenting, I’ve decided on two patterns I like best…a 3-color Tunisian Honeycomb stitch for lighter yarns (Light worsted & smaller) and a Crochet Linen stitch for heavier yarns.  The Tunisian stitch with heavier yarn seems to be too bulky for our warm weather.

Below is one of the patterns if you happen to be interested. I’ll write up the Linen stitch pattern in the next post.

3-Color Tunisian Honeycomb – Size J Afghan hook for DK & lighter (Size L or M for heavier yarns)


The Tunisian Honeycomb stitch works very well with all colors. It also reduces the curl often associated with other Tunisian stitches.

Light Worsted, DK & Sport – single strand, Fingering & lighter – double strand

  • Work your foundation row in Yarn #1.
  • Switch to Yarn #2 for your return pass, leaving Yarn #1 to hang at the end of the row
  • Switch to Yarn #3 for the forward pass of the next row, leaving Yarn #2 to hang at the end of the row
  • When working with 3 yarns, there is always the yarn you are working with, and the yarn that waits for you at each side of the work.
  • When you run out of yarn, simply attach new yarn with your preferred method (I use a magic knot) and keep going.
  • Thanks to Stitch Diva Studios for the fabulous tutorial of 3-Color Tunisian



Cast on 50 loops in Yarn #1 – Return pass in Yarn #2 – Begin pattern with yarn #3

Row 1: Tps, *Tss, Tps* rep across to last stitch, Tss in last stitch. Return pass with yarn waiting at the end.

Row 2: With yarn waiting, *Tss, Tps* rep across to last stitch, Tss in last stitch. Return pass with yarn waiting at the end.

Repeat rows 1 & 2 until piece measures 15”. Mine measure 13” x 15” before I attach a border.

The border is optional. I use a simple HDC in each stitch around (3 in the corners) in a dark color.



  1. I was looking for a simple and useful project to practice my Tunisian Crochet. I just found it.
    My cat will love it. More could go to a shelter close by…

    Liked by 1 person

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