Questionable Thread Purchase

We’ve all made purchases we later regretted. The top that looked so cute on the mannequin, the extended warranty, the timeshare and yes, that great buy on yarn from the website you’ve been warned about.


I gave in to my curiosity and bought 10 balls of “Varmhus Lace Cotton Yarn, Thin Yarn Crochet Crochet Hooks For Hand Knitting Children Blanket Cloth 100% Cotton 50g” (that’s the entire description) in 10 different colors. Luckily, the cost was less than $20 with free shipping. What the heck. Here’s a photo of those pretty colors. Only showing 9, the 10th was sacrificed in an anger management session.

Although the thread has a beautiful sheen, the colors are extremely vibrant, and is comparable to a size 10 (or a bit smaller) cotton thread, that’s the only redeeming qualities I could find. I’m not sure if they lied and it has some other type of fiber in it or if it’s due to the way it was spun & plied, but this stuff is so slick you can barely hold it and there’s hardly any stitch definition. I describe this “Crochet Thread”  more suited for embroidery, needlepoint or cross stitch. Since I don’t practice these crafts, I had to think a bit outside my box.

I remembered seeing a video on how to make bulky yarn from sport or dk only using 1 skein. BrianaK has it on her YouTube channel HERE. Simple yet genius.



20180731_171522Then I came across this beautiful pattern by Priscilla Hewitt. It’s the Matelassé Afghan and I’m in love with it. I don’t know how many blocks I’ll get from this thread, but I’m working each block with double strands. I really haven’t a clue what to do with so few blocks. Maybe a baby doll blanket or a tote bag. I need to ponder the possibilities. Aren’t they just bright & beautiful?

I’m trying to learn from my experiences and won’t be purchasing any new mystery thread or yarn in the future. But maybe I can turn this questionable purchase in my favor.

Have a great day & be blessed!




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