A Letter Of Thanks…

THANK YOU — Thank you for visiting my page, thank you for purchasing my patterns and thank you for having an open mind and heart when I speak of the injustice Raverly committed this week in an all out attack of conservatives & supporters of our President.

There is sadness in my heart because of recent events that brought real, tangible divisiveness into our fiber community. I’m not naive, there’s always been differing political, religious & ethical beliefs in the fiber arts that mirror real life. But to see such hate blatantly advertised across my screen, well that was a kick in the rear. To collectively target 63 million Americans and associate those Americans with a most vile category of humans is morally wrong. 

Ravelry essentially took the voice of any conservative crafter and made it very clear that the only opinions they want to hear are those they concur with. What a very sad way to live and view our world. Remaining members will now live in a world where “progressive” words, images, projects, patterns, and discussion are welcome and wide ranging. There is no support allowed for the president and his administration.

I’m currently in the process of moving all my content off Raverly. Unfortunately, they have banned me from making any changes to my shop or patterns for the foreseeable future.

My Free patterns can be downloaded from this site. Find the “Free Crochet Patterns” or “Free Knitting Patterns” tab at the top, then select the post with the pattern you’re looking for. A download button is in the post.

My Paid patterns will be available through Lovecrafts.com once they’ve been approved and published.

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