Trello…my new favorite site for displaying my knit & crochet projects for public viewing.
Since distancing myself from Raverly, I’ve found many solutions lacking to fit my specific needs. I refer back to my finished projects quite often and found a pin board style site would be perfect.

It shows all my projects as I’ve defined them on one screen, makes them easily accessible & best of’s free. It includes unlimited boards, list & cards. You can keep your boards private or share them with everyone.

Screenshot of Knitted Items

I made a template to record all the details of each project. These details are input on a “Card” within the “Board”. Then attach photos, links to the pattern and additional notes.

It’s quite easy to copy the card to another list in the board, then edit for the next project.

It also has a nice search interface.

Since I’ve made my boards public, you can copy a card from my board to your own board, then edit it for your own projects.

Disclaimer: If you use the link to sign up for a Trello account, I’ll be eligible for additional functionality on my Trello account.


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