Fiberkind – A nice place to craft.

Have you heard about Fiberkind? It’s a wonderful online crafting community created from a need for a drama-free place to share our love of the fiber arts. I joined last year after the dust-up at the large website I’m sure you all know. I’ve posted my opinions on that topic before & I’ll leave it at that. I’ve found Fiberkind offers a truly “kind” atmosphere for those of us who felt out of our element on other sites. They extend warm welcomes & happy inspiration.

There are topics for knitting, crochet, fiber, weaving & spinning. They provide encouragement, mentorship and sharing. You’ll also find friendly challenges from stash-busting to sock knitting. There are a number of groups that focus on additional interests – specific crafts or projects, geographical similarities, pets, wellness and more. There are many “Off-Topic” threads as well.

If you’re a designer or indy/hand dyer, there’s a Marketplace Directory to list your patterns & wares for your business promotion. I like having an additional resource to market my patterns.

Fiberkind is free to join but must depend on advertising revenue & donations to grow and offer additional components to the site.

I hope to see you around Fiberkind! My member name is TexasPurl.

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