Spice Market

I love a good CAL and Mark Roseboom’s Spice Market was destined to be a classic made by hundreds of crocheters. Disrespectful & rude people of the internet ruined that for him. It’s a sad story that happens all too often. I don’t feel the need to re-hash the circumstances here but want Mark to know there are so many of us that support him & have made the decision to carry on with his beautiful creation.

He canceled the CAL. However, he posted all portions of the pattern on his website. He encouraged anyone who still wants to make it, but acknowledged there would be no support from him. Therefore, I won’t be including any links to Mark or his website. He needs time heal and find peace with the ugliness that was thrust upon him.

I’ve decided to make my Spice Market in #10 cotton crochet thread. It may be a wall-hanging or a table centerpiece when completed. I’m basically following the “Mint & Lavender” color combination.

We have a thread over on Fiberkind dedicated to the Spice Market. We offer support & encouragement for this beautiful piece. You’re welcome to join us!

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