National Craft Month

Today kicks off a month long celebration of crafting. It’s all about encouraging everyone to try a new craft or return to one you’ve not practiced in a while. It also brings attention to the emotional benefits crafting can offer. A simple Google search will return hundreds of articles highlighting the amazing triumphs of those who chose to pick up some form of craft in their healing journey.

Berkeley Wellness cites “The Unexpected Benefits of Crafting”

  • Reduce stress. The rhythmic, repetitive movements and focused attention required of certain crafts seem to produce a calming effect akin to meditation.
  • Improve mood.
  • Head off cognitive decline.
  • Empower those with eating disorders.
  • Helps cope with chronic pain.

Retailers will also offer great sales on everything from educational materials to supplies. Many will offer free demonstrations & classes to promote crafting. Crafting publishers will have contests & giveaways across the internet. It will be a very busy month.

I’ll be celebrating over at Fiberkind where we have a fun celebration planned for the month. You’re welcome to join us.

No matter how or where you choose to craft this month, I encourage you to continue throughout the year. Search out others (whether in your neighborhood or online) who share your happiness in your craft. Your mind & your heart will certainly benefit from it.

Y’all have a Happy day! 💕

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