I’m going to be upfront with you. I’m a God fearing, USA loving, conservative Texas woman. I shop at Hobby Lobby, eat at Chic-Fil-A and listen to Fox News. I’m educated and worked in a corporate environment for more than 25 years.

I started this blog because I’m an avid fiber enthusiast! My passion is knitting & crochet. I love vintage fashion and techniques, along with the challenge of incorporating them into modern designs.

I won’t be advocating my religious & political beliefs here. Therefore, I expect all visitors to reciprocate. I will share some of my designs that have religious content simply because it’s part of who I am.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you return soon to peruse future posts.




  1. Dear Debbie, your designs are spectacular. I am writing you to ask your permission. I and 3 friends formed a group of charity knitters (30 now). We meet every Mon at the NW YMCA in Mpls. We donate our knit/cro items to the NEAR food shelf and several churches for (charity)baby showers. (scarves, hats, mittens & earwarmers) in 2017 we donated over 1,000 items made from donated yarn. May we have your permission to make your free darling baby hat with the interesting v look stitch. 7 of us would like to make it. Our Y coordinator said with your permission she would make us ea a copy. If you feel uncomfortable with this request, we understand. Kind regards, Chris Richardson, NW YMCA Knitters & Crocheters.

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  2. Hello and good morning!! I am working on your Right Angles Throw. I love this pattern and my 16 year old son actually wants this blanket—he never wants anything I make so you can imagine my excitement. I want to make this bigger-for a full/queen size bed. I thought about making two and joining them but the sides wouldn’t line up right. Please help!! Do you have any suggestions? I thought about making the stripes wider but I don’t want to add length—just width.

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    • Hi Lisa – If you’re using an Aran weight yarn, the pattern as written will cover the top of a queen size bed. This link is to a photo of he throw on my queen bed. https://images4-e.ravelrycache.com/uploads/Shinermom/340864667/106_medium2.JPG If you still feel you want it wider, on Chart 1…continue rows 7 & 8 to 1/2 of your desired width, following color scheme, then begin R109 to complete. Chart 2…work thru to end of instructions and continue in pattern until you complete the same number of rows as you did the 1st chart. I hope this is clear enough.


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