I’m an avid fiber enthusiast! My passion is knitting & crochet. I love vintage fashion and techniques, along with the challenge of incorporating them into modern designs.



  1. Dear Debbie, your designs are spectacular. I am writing you to ask your permission. I and 3 friends formed a group of charity knitters (30 now). We meet every Mon at the NW YMCA in Mpls. We donate our knit/cro items to the NEAR food shelf and several churches for (charity)baby showers. (scarves, hats, mittens & earwarmers) in 2017 we donated over 1,000 items made from donated yarn. May we have your permission to make your free darling baby hat with the interesting v look stitch. 7 of us would like to make it. Our Y coordinator said with your permission she would make us ea a copy. If you feel uncomfortable with this request, we understand. Kind regards, Chris Richardson, NW YMCA Knitters & Crocheters.

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  2. Hello and good morning!! I am working on your Right Angles Throw. I love this pattern and my 16 year old son actually wants this blanket—he never wants anything I make so you can imagine my excitement. I want to make this bigger-for a full/queen size bed. I thought about making two and joining them but the sides wouldn’t line up right. Please help!! Do you have any suggestions? I thought about making the stripes wider but I don’t want to add length—just width.

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